[ Commander Venus - The Unevenful Vacation ]

1. "Jean's T.V."
2. "Refused By Light"
3. "We'll Always Have Paris"
4. "The Uneventful Vacation (Part I)"
5. "Lock N' Chase"
6. "Life As Expected"
7. "The Way Things Had to Be"
8. "Dress to Please"
9. "Walk-Around Problem"
10. "My Collapsing Frame"
11. "The Raining Holiday (Part II)"
12. "The Role of the Hero in Antiquity"

Released: 1997
Label: Wind-Up Records
Genre: Indie, Alternative rock

Commander Venus foi um projeto paralelo de Conor Oberst (Brigh Eyes) que vingou entre 1995 e 1997 e teve dois discos lançados.
A banda ainda contava com Todd Fink e Matt Bowen (ambos do The Faint) e Tim Kasher (Cursive e The Good Life).

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