[ Puressence - Sharpen Up The Knives ]

1. This Feeling
2. Standing In Your Shadow
3. All I Want
4. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
5. How Does It Feel?
6. She's Gotten Over You
7. Raise Me To The Ground - New Recording
8. Walking Dead
9. Street Lights
10. I Suppose
11. Sharpen Up The Knives
12. Never Be The Same Again
13. India [Full Version]
14. Our Numbers Oracle - New Recording
15. Che - New Recording

Released: October, 2009
Label: Reaction Records
Genre: Indie, Alternative Rock

Trampo mais recente de uma das bandas mais legais no estilo.
Místico, empolgante, melódico e direto.

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Download: Puressence - Sharpen Up The Knives RS/RS

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