[ Sigur Rós - Hvarf-Heim (2CD)]

CD 1
1. "Salka" [The name of Georg's stepdaughter], previously unreleased - 6:11
2. "Hljómalind" (Formerly known as "Rokklagið" ["The Rock Song"]), previously unreleased - 4:58
3. "Í Gær" (Formerly known as "Lagið Í Gær") ["Yesterday"], previously unreleased - 6:28
4. "Von" ["Hope"], original version on Von - 9:17
5. "Hafsól" ["Sea Sun"], same version as on Hoppípolla, original version on Von - 9:50

CD 2
1. "Samskeyti" ["Attachment"], original version on ( ) - 5:23
2. "Starálfur" ["Staring Elf"], original version on Ágætis byrjun - 5:30
3. "Vaka" [The name of Orri's daughter], original version on ( ) - 5:21
4. "Ágætis Byrjun" ["An alright start"], original version on Ágætis byrjun - 6:38
5. "Heysátan" ["The Haystack"], original version on Takk... - 4:45
6. "Von" ["Hope"], original version on Von - 8:14

Released: November 5, 2007
Label: Geffen/EMI
Genre: Post-rock
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Hvarf quer dizer "desaparecido", mas também pode significar "paraíso". Heim é "casa".

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