[ Roni Size - Return To V ]

1. Bump ‘N’ Grind- featuring Sweetpea
2. Shoulder To Shoulder- featuring Die & Hollie G
3. Fassyhole- featuring Wilks
4. Pull Up- featuring Viktor Duplaix
5. Groove On- featuring Faye
6. Cheeky Monkey- featuring Tali & Dynamite MC
7. Time- featuring Darrison
8. Problems- featuring Blaze
9. Rise Up- featuring Sweetie Irie
10. Want Your Body- featuring Joe Roberts
11. No Trouble- featuring Rodney P
12. No More- featuring Beverley Knight & Dynamite MC
13. On And On- featuring Stamina MC
14. Sing- featuring Jocelyn Brown
15. Thirsty- featuring Wilks
16. The Streets- featuring Fallacy
17. Out Of Breath- featuring Rahzel
18. Give Me A Reason- featuring MC Navigator

Released: October 4, 2004
Label: V
Genre: Drum'N'Bass

Um dos magos do estilo!
Em breve posto mais discos dele.

Download: Roni Size - Return To V parte 1 / parte 2

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