[ Conjure One - Conjure One ]

1. "Damascus" (Fulber, Chemda Khalili) – 2:02
vocals by Chemda.
2. "Center of the Sun" (Fulber, Poe) – 5:00
vocals by Poe.
3. "Tears from the Moon" (Rick Nowels, Billy Steinberg, Kyoko Baertsoen) – 4:17
vocals by Sinéad O'Connor.
4. "Tidal Pool" (Fulber) – 6:50
vocals by Chemda.
5. "Manic Star" (Fulber, Steinberg, Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo) – 5:23
vocals by Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo.
additional vocals by Joanna Stevens (of Solar Twins).
6. "Redemption" (Fulber, Khalili) – 6:59
vocals by Chemda.
7. "Years" (Fulber, Chris Elliott) – 6:21
vocals by Chemda.
8. "Make a Wish" (Fulber, Poe) – 4:32
vocals by Poe.
9. "Pandora" (Fulber) – 5:02
additional vocals by Mel Garside.
10. "Sleep" (Steinberg, Nowels, D'Ubaldo) – 5:00
vocals by Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo.
11. "Premonition (Reprise)" (Fulber, Elliott) – 3:02
vocals by Jeff Martin.
additional vocals by Joanna Stevens.

Released: September 17, 2002
Label: Nettwerk
Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Worldbeat

Conjure One é o projeto solo de Rhys Fulber, integrante das bandas Front Line Assembly e Delerium.
Fulber além de produzir alguns discos de suas bandas, já trabalhou com bandas que misturam Metal com Industrial, como Fear Factory (Remanufactory), Paradise Lost (Symbol of Life) e Mnemic (Mechanical Spin Phenomena).
Infelizmente não encontrei o último disco, Extraordinary Ways, de 2005, mas fica a dica para quem gostar do som.

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