[ Aerial - The Legion of Dynamic Dischord + The Sentinel ]

The Legion Of Dynamic Dischord (EP)
1. Pope Bob's Backyard (7:38)
2. Kallisti (2:15)
3. All Suspects Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty in a Court of Law (7:53)
4. Inverse Current (4:28)
5. Echoes in June (4:44)

Released: 2008
Label: Boomkat
Genre: Post-rock, Math-rock


The Sentinel
1. Heads Gone
2. My God It’s Full of Stars
3. 46th Street
4. Walk With Me
5. You Will All Die, All Things Will
6. Youth and Student Travel
7. The Dark Star Deleters
8. Secret Godess
9. Spark Lit Stairs
10. Welcome to Australia

Released: 2007, March
Label: Boomkat
Genre: Post-rock, Math-rock

O país de origem destes caras (Suécia babyyyyyy) já seria o suficiente para lhes convencer de que trata-se de uma belíssima banda de rock.
Ouçam e depois me digam se estou certou ou não!


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